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primal pri·​mal | \ ˈprī-mel | original, primitive

recording re·​cord·​ing | \ ri-ˈkȯr-diŋ | the action or process of recording sound or performance for subsequent reproduction or broadcast

Welcome to Primal Recording - a full service audio recording, media production, and live rehearsal facility where class-a analog meets high-resolution and digital fidelity at its finest. Located in Portland's South Waterfront district, our talented and experienced staff are ready to assist you with achieving your artistic vision.

Kevin Hahn

Kevin Hahn


Fernando Ruiz


Christopher Stevens

Sean Console.jpg

Sean Derrickson

"Beautiful and comfortable studio with a great layout. High ceilings that capture natural reverb, especially for drums. And you're in great hands with world class engineers and producers. Highly recommended!"

- Mike Collins / Roof Top Screamers

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